Beautifully and conveniently located, nestled in the beautiful hilly landscape of the historic SABINA between Salaria and Tiber, lies the luxurious property "Casa Felice", built a few years ago.

The railway station of Passo Corese is called Fara Sabina.The metro goes every quarter of an hour to Rome, as well as without change in the airport building Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci".

8.00 Euro costs the day ticket Rome and back and in Rome for all public transport, up to 10 years free.

Villa Borghese - Via Veneto can be reached by car outside the rush hour in half an hour.

The transport hub Passo Corese (Roma North Florence Naples train to Rome and Florence) has as much to offer as a city. After 5 km past villas, the electrically operated gate opens to the driveway and covered parking. In front of you, you will see the Casa Felice estate, elaborately decorated with marble and all the refinements.

Both apartments have a separate entrance with exits to the terrace, the garden and the indoor and outdoor pool, which is in operation all year round. In the evening it can be illuminated from the inside.

The well-kept 20,000 m² garden is fully available to guests. Nordic walking, ball and other games, table tennis, bread and pizza baking in the oven, barbecue, watching fish in one of the 2 pools, trickling in the water, lit in the evening, admiring the well-kept gardens, resting on a bench, on the terraces the good air, the panoramic view of roses, oleander, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit and olive trees, the giant oak trees, the surrounding mountains with the mountain villages in the distance and enjoy the silence around you and listen to the birdsong.